February 24, 2018

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Price per Unit (pieza): 1 149.50 €

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Price per Unit 950€ + TAX

Wimu Fit is a group workout monitoring system. With Wimu Fit you can control group training in real time, and display it using our colors-system based on Heart Rate and Aerobics Exercise Zones. Wimu Fit system allows each user to compete with the other users, regardless the fitness condition.

The system collects data using the Heart Rate Belts; the software processes the received raw data in real time and it shows not only the Heart Rate, but also related information such as burned calories, aerobic zone and much more.

How can Wimu Fit help you?
Wimu Fit is simple and quick, wear the Heart Rate Belt around the chest and start training!
The customized exercise zones allow both Monitor and User to control the effort and intensity, optimizing the workout and establishing realistic achievements.
Wimu Fit training by colors system, establishes a series of heart rate ranges of effort (intensity) base on each person Maximum Heart Rate (% of the HRmax).

Package Contents:

Wimu Fit Heart Rate Belt

- Workout with comfort. Soft, elastic chest strap gently hugs your body for ultimate comfort and with thin length-adjustment buckles.7
- Continuous and accurate heart-rate monitoring.
- Without interference. Avoid transmissions from near by devices and stay tuned into your workout.
- User-replaceable battery. For optimal battery life, detach transmitter from chest strap after every use.
- ¿Stay connected across devices. Connect to other ANT+ compatible devices?

Wimu Fit Software

Monitoring in Real-time, Wimu Fit Software controls and monitors group workouts using a visual colour system based on Heart Rate. Wimu Fit provides information in real time, it helps to optimize the training and stimulates a higher motivation, individually and collectively.
The train by colours, Wimu Fit uses the heart rate and the Exercise work zones to establish a training by colours. Easy to understand, easy to manage and easy to follow

Compete against your friends, the Software uses a points system to rank the users, erasing the handicap and allowing them to compete each others. You would be able to customize each user information.

Plan your session, the Instructor can plan the session here and choose the intensity of the workout and the duration for every single moment. This planned session can be saved and be played later. The software creates a reference that is shown in the display so the user can follow it. It shows the zone (using the color system), duration and what is coming next.

Total Control, Wimu Fit Software not only shows real-time information of each user, it also analyzes the workout and offers a summary at the end of each session to help you control the training and health improvements

Plug and Display, Wimu Fit software escalates itself, so you can connect it to a TV or a Projector.

Use it with everything, Wimu Fit is the ideal complement for cardio lessons. You can use it for Indoor Cycling, Aerobics, Step, Cardio Boxing, Pilates, Yoga… Add Wimu Fit to all your activities!

IOS and Content of the Package, Wimu Fit Software is designed to work with the main versions of Windows OS: XP/Vista/7/8.  Wimu Fit software package includes Wimu Fit Software, one customer-license and a six month free-membership to RealTrack Systems SL (includes free updates during this 6 month period). The package does not include the Heart Rate Belts, USB Receptor or any other Hardware.

USB receptor Plug&Play

USB Receptor for your computer, Plug&Play

Pack 10

Wimu Fit System - Pack 10 is the best solution for small classes or family use. It has all you need to mount Seego in your center or in your home:

- Wimu Fit Software with 1 customer license.
- 10 Heart Rate Belts with 10 transmitters
- 1 USB Plug and Play Receptor
- Unlimited registered users.

And you will always able to add more Wimu Fit Heart Rate Belts and extend the capacity until 20 users simultaneously!


1- For the first venue the master license cost is €600.00+ TAX

2- Includes access to the "Cloud 2017"

3- Second and any further locations sub license owned by the same master license is €300.00 + TAX

4- Extended coverage: To improve signal capture or extend over multiple areas hard cabled up to 50 m- We supply additional antenna €150.00 + TAX

5- Technical team can assist with layout optimisation.


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